Take a look at nice words from our loyal customers and other satisfied clients, who came to our massage studio to relax their body and soul. Feedback is important to us and your reactions are like a mirror.


"Today afternoon I experienced Angels massage. First of all, I have to say that I'm not local. My hometown is in South Bohemia. Because of that, I had some difficulties reaching the place because I didn't know the time and overestimated local public transport (I'll use a car next time) and I arrived late. Instead of 14:00 I arrived 13 minutes late, sorry for that.
I was afraid that the masseuse will be angry because of it, but she wasn't. On the contrary, I was welcomed by the beautiful, slim and nice masseuse. The massage (1,5 hour long) was very pleasant and I can say that it was really high-quality and good.
I'm jealous of every inhabitant of Ostrava, because you have this amazing studio. We don't have anything like this in České Budějovice. We don't have such a great relax full of beautiful masseuses in such a high standard there. On the other hand, if we have, I would become addicted to it and I would visit your studio 6 days a week.
Nevertheless, I'm going to visit Ostrava for about 10 to 14 days in the summer and I've decided to visit your studio every other day and try massages of every one of your masseuses if you let me.


"You smell nice, emit heat and peace. Your femininity and gentleness are something that makes you special. That moment of you being above my head and I didn't raise it, just not to disrupt the ritual, this felt like a red flag on a bull. At that moment, I realized that you have an ability to do something that other women can only dream about. This was the peak of intimacy, without any sexual intercourse. I have never experienced something better than this."

- John


"Hello, thank you for today's great massage with Klára. She knows how to progress during the massage and she has a great ability to sense what the client needs. And a bonus - she is beautiful and cool woman. Well... she is just great. I'm already looking forward to another massage."

- Karel -


"I wanted to try the massage for the first time and I decided last week. I chose this studio and masseuse Veronika. I can only recommend her, gentlemen. Angel, a beautiful girl, nice, intelligent. Photos are real, she is even nicer! From me ten points out of ten. I will definitely repeat it."

- L.K. -


"Yesterday, I had an angels massage with Tamara. Before that, I had a couple of massages, but this was the biggest experience for me. It seems to me as if she got rid myself of the field of negative energy that has settled on me recently."

- Paul -


"Words can not described as it was. Today's massage from start to finish, just perfect. Absolutely relaxing atmosphere, amazing relaxation. Thank you, Klára, it is like I was born again :-)."

- Josh -


"Hello, today I visited your studio, specifically masseuse Tamara and I have to praise her! Kristýnka is a very nice and beautiful lady, I already felt good at the door, but it was godlike :) I am already looking forward to the day I visit her again."

¨- x -


"For several times, I have visited Veronika in your studio and I have never experienced such a great massage. Beautiful, very receptive and very communicative masseuse. Massage with her is great.
Nice relaxation and a gentle erotic touch!!! Just great!"

- Johannes -


"Hello Mrs. Ivet. I'm grateful you have a super girl named Klára. Yesterday I had a massage for the first time and I think you should really keep her. She is really great and I thank you for a chance to be with her. Have a nice day."

- Mike -


"So far I have not been to any massages. I was a little afraid of how it would go, but a beautiful, smiling and very sympathetic lady welcomed me and explained to me the course of the massage. I loved the massage very much. I have not seen anything so beautiful yet. This is how I would like to thank masseuse, for a great massage that has positively boosted me, and as well to thank Studio Relax for the great job you are doing. Thank you and I am looking forward to another visit."

- Mark -


"Hi, I've had three massages already, but my last visit with masseuse Veronika was the best. Very nice masseuse, I'm really looking forward to another massage. Thank you."

- Peter -


"Via this mail I want to thank you once again for your fantastic massage yesterday. As I mentioned, it was new for me, so I miss a comparison, but I haven't spend such a good time in a very long time. I think that touching from my side was above your standard but only because I'm a very contact individual. Thanks for your great tolerance, I enjoyed it even more. You were beautiful. Tom was very satisfied with your colleague's massage and he surely will visit your massage studio in Ostrava again :-). He's already looking forward to it."

- Chris and Thomas -


"You smell nice, radiate warmth and comfort. Your femininity combined with tenderness is something that highlights you. The moment you were over my head and I respectfully did not look to break the ritual was like a red rag on a bull. At that moment, I thought you knew something that was unknown to other women. It was the climax of intimacy without contact. I haven't experienced anything nicer ever."

- James -

"It was intense beauty. Excellent massage. Maybe we will meet again someday."

- Jack -

And what is your opinion?

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