Energetic massage in Ostrava

Wake your body through conscious touch

Feel the magic touch on your own skin and let yourself be carried on a wave of perfect relaxation and sensuality. In the Studio RELAX, your body will be pleased with the handsome masseuses who have gone through tantric massage classes. Therefore, you can rely on the expertise of the experienced experts to bring you to the mysteries and spells of this ritual.

Tantric massage will teach you to experience orgasmic states in a different dimension than you are used to. It's a developed art of touch that will surprise you with waves of joy, allow you to dive into your own inner space and then let you release all hidden emotions.

This is an energetic massage with tantra elements - soothing and regenerative massage. The maximum relaxation and healing effect is achieved mainly due to the fact that the tactile assembly respects the distribution of energy pathways. This massage will bring you sensuality, opens up new possibilities, offers a new look at sexuality. It will teach you with tenderness and pampering. Removes fatigue, internal tension, stress and mental exhaustion. You will be leaving the charge of energy.

Massage takes place on a sun lounger with meditation candlelight music. The whole body is massaged from the front to the front, leaving only intimate parts.

Masseuse have underwear.