Tantra in Ostrava

Little about tantra

It doesn't matter how you look or who you are. Tantra does not lead you to any specific place, it is not a way to the goal, it is adventure and art of receiving, to reveal the magical corners of your consciousness and abilities.

It's a dance that every creature is dancing with its own existence. It is a blank sheet of paper on which the poet writes verses. It is the awakening of one's own joy and love in all. It's like dangling on the door of the house where we live without knowing how many rooms we have. It is a surprise when opening each door and seeing how many lights penetrate into each room. It is a view of all the divine in every corner and the feeling of being a mirror in which every being is reflected. It's a developed art of touch that will flood you with waves of joy, allow you to dive into your own, and then release all your emotions.

The word tantra refers to a tissue developing consciousness, for which it uses various artistic, scientific, mystical, yogic, dance, breathing, therapy and mental techniques. He seeks to incite a person to be free from all affections and mental and emotional suffering, to find himself in his inner self. It is an intense, sensual and also intimate therapy of the whole body that relieves stress, blockages and tension. Tantra is, in its very nature, a ritual of worshiping a man or a woman. With gentle but thorough touches, it will energize your inner energy without ever enforcing anything. Enjoy a passive role and enjoy a touch on your body and soul. Through this experience, you can learn to experience an orgasm that is not limited to sexual organs but is experienced throughout the body as an indescribable state of ecstasy and love, beauty, self-awareness, opening up. You can learn to work with your own sexual energy, distract it all over your body, and then take strength from it a few days later. You will feel fresh and vital. We strive to awaken and nourish your body to stay connected with your own body through the conscious touch. This harmony therapy can change the quality of life at all levels.

tantric masseuse
tantric masseuse

And little about tantra

Tantric  stems from tantric and taoist techniques, bioenergetics and reflexology. Coming from India, tantra has been used for thousands of years.

When receiving the therapy, the body releases tension and stress, awakening fully while reaching the state of excitement. Joyful and varied, tantric touches your heart and soul. It opens up the way to meditation and development of sexuality. However, it is not an erotic massage, as the common wisdom has it. Such tantra have no tradition whatsoever and are mostly uniform, without any therapy techniques. Tantra is an intensive, erotic, as well as intimate harmony therapy of the whole body, which releases stress, tension and mental blocks. Essentially, tantra is a ritual of worshipping a male. Using tender yet thorough touches, your internal energy is stimulated without using any force.

Enjoy your passive role and the touches of your body and soul. This experience may teach you to enjoy your orgasm, which is not limited to sexual organs only, but throughout the body, as an indescribable state of ecstasy and affection. You can get to work with your own sexual energy, spreading it throughout your body, using it as a source of power over the coming days. You will be feeling fresh and energised. It is also suitable for couples. Touches are not returned during this therapy. The masseuse as well as the client are in a sarong, a scarf later removed, at the beginning.

As long as you do not experience a tantra, you will not know what it's all about. We believe this tantric therapy will be only beneficial for you and your relationship.