Massages in Ostrava

Hot massage

In Ostrava, as the first salon, we offer a service that will get you hot. The masseuse uses erotic toys of your choice. Become a spectator of this exciting spectacle and don't miss a single detail! For this exclusive experience, book MIA. We recommend this service to our regular clients who need an extra dose of eroticism. There's nothing better than seeing a woman at the peak of bliss. Her body shaking and her nipples hardening. Gentlemen, you just have to try this. You'll get a little lesson in the use of an erotic equipment, and you can get a glimpse of what's new in the market. You can then surprise your partner with a gift. This will diversify and improve your partner's experience of sexuality.

Quick erotic massage

Do you have little time? This service is for you. You will be massaged only from the front of the body. Takes 30 minutes

Sensual massage

A holistic sensual massage for men is a wonderful way to get to know your body better, more deeply. The massage begins with a standing ritual. Body to body technique. You can touch the masseuse.

Mutual erotic massage

Interactive and mutual massages allows you to participate actively in the experience, interacting and touching masseurs. Our rule is not touching her genitals. This massage is only 90.min. end you can book it wits masseur Tamara.

LAP Dance with massage

It is no secret that this type of an erotic dance has its roots in a strip club. However, it is not sinful enough to try it out. This massage starts with a man sitting on a chair and a woman making seducing moves, this all under the presence of a pleasant music and sexy lingerie which you can ..... maybe .... slowly unfasten. 

50 Shades of Grey 

50 Shades of Grey Massage We created a brand-new massage option. We found out that men like to surrender the dominance of women. Because we know that BDSM services can raise fears in men.

Footjob - 30.min

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