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Eroticism, tantra or relaxation during massage?

Pick a massage of your own taste

We enjoy doing massages and working with people, and we are authorised to perform them. Massage is a great means of understanding your body and relaxing your mind. It can create a deep experience which will become breakthrough in your willingness to make a change - to be more like yourself, finding your strength, balance and peace of mind. In a relatively short time, massage can re-establish a proper flow of energy.

Just visit us to relax and enjoy life.


New service - In Ostrava, as the first salon, we offer a service that will get you hot. The masseuse uses erotic toys of your choice. Become a spectator of this exciting spectacle and don't miss a single detail! For this exclusive experience, book MIA and Natalia. We recommend this service to our regular clients who need an extra dose of eroticism. There's nothing better than seeing a woman at the peak of bliss. Her body shaking and her nipples hardening. Gentlemen, you just have to try this. You'll get a little lesson in the use of an erotic equipment, and you can get a glimpse of what's new in the market. You can then surprise your partner with a gift. This will diversify and improve your partner's experience of sexuality. MASSAGE


We offer a new service for clients WIP MASSAGE WITH WHIRLPOOL

Do you want to have fun? Let your imagination run wild? A masseuse dressed as a schoolgirl, a policewoman, a stewardess, a nun, a maid, a secretary, a nurse or an extreme latex lady? Let's play together.

NEW - massage lingam

The masseuse uses her intuition and senses your arousal to satisfy your sexual needs. She uses slow - fast, gentle - strong hand movements. During this time, from the beginning of the massage, you will lie on your back and the masseuse will bring you almost to climax and back again several times. This will help to release your tension and allow your energy to flow freely throughout your body, mind and soul.

NEW- Thailand oil erotic massage

Oriental full body massage from the tips of your toes to the roots of your hair. You will find deep relaxation, fulfilling experience and enrichment. Lingam is deeply revered and is very harmoniously incorporated into the massage. Treat yourself to an unusual experience that may make you blush a little but will be worth it.


Erotic massage is not a sexual service. Kissing, oral or classical sex is not part of the massage. It is not possible even for an extra charge. Suggestions like this deeply offend masseuse and may end up in ending the massage. You can gently touch massuese's chest and buttocks, but it's not really about touching her. You are in the position of the recipient, you are enjoying the touch, not returning it. It is prohibited to touch her genitals.