Tantra, erotic and relaxing massages

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I, Iveta Popelková, as owner of the studio  feel strong responsibility and do not underestimate gravity of the situation.  I trust these actions will help put your mind at ease.

  1. Employees are receiving regular training on our new standards regarding COVID-19 health & safety protocols. Every member of staff must strictly comply with these protective measures recommended by Czech Government and our Health professional Bodies. The measures include hand hygiene, wearing masks if mandated and social distancing in lobby and communal areas. Employees will also be asked to stay home and seek medical attention if they, or someone in their household, has any COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Hand sanitiser in dispensers , will be available in key places including: bathrooms, massage rooms and any communal areas.
  3. Massage therapists according to your wish will wear a Mask and you also have a choice whether you require Therapists to wear Medical gloves.
  4. After and before each client, cleaning and sanitising the therapy room with products which use only more than 70% Alcohol content to kill all germs and virus. This applies to all public spaces with an emphasis on anti bacterial and alcohol based frequent cleaning on all contact surfaces.
  5. Our cleaning products and protocols meet country specific guidelines for approved effective use against viruses and bacteria. When cleaning therapy rooms, we pay particular attention to high-touch items. All massage futons are disinfected after use and laundry are changed daily and washed at a high temperature. We've also increased the frequency of air filter replacement and fresh air exchange will be maximised.
  6. We have a made a change to more disposable items eg. Massage futons, paper towels, etc. However, when a client needs to be covered or needs to be kept warm during treatment. Our Laundry company has checked and altered all of our wash process to make sure all laundry will be thermally disinfected.

Eroticism, tantra or relaxation during massage?

Pick a massage of your own taste

We enjoy doing massages and working with people, and we are authorised to perform them. Massage is a great means of understanding your body and relaxing your mind. It can create a deep experience which will become breakthrough in your willingness to make a change - to be more like yourself, finding your strength, balance and peace of mind. In a relatively short time, massage can re-establish a proper flow of energy.

Just visit us to relax and enjoy life.


Erotic massage is not a sexual service. Kissing, oral or classical sex is not part of the massage. It is not possible even for an extra charge. Suggestions like this deeply offend masseuse and may end up in ending the massage. You can gently touch massuese's chest and buttocks, but it's not really about touching her. You are in the position of the recipient, you are enjoying the touch, not returning it. It is prohibited to touch her genitals.



 We have two new young masseuses Kristýna and Natálie. We are preparing a sensual massage just for you.On 4 July, we successfully achieved a sensual massage certificate.We prepared a couple massage made either by a masseur and a masseuse or by two masseuses.We added original NURU massage to our offer, exclusively with a masseuse Natalie, Aneta. New sensual massage with Tamara end Klára. We hired to work the new masseuse Veronika see photo.