Studio RELAX

We do our best to make you forget about stress, bustle, rudeness, worries, and we really want to enter the world of massages – the world of peace, touches and breathing. Massages are about reception. You can fully enjoy the role of the receiver, when something that is not that usual in daily life happens – you don't have to give anything back.

Erotic massage is by no means a provision of sexual services. Kissing, oral sex or sexual intercourse is not included. These services are not provided even for an extra fee. Actually, such suggestions offend the masseuse, who may end the massage.

Don't worry!

Massage studio has company registration number IČO 01 50 86 61 Iveta Popelková and all the masseuses have certification of accredited massage training that entitles us to perform this activity.

The massage studio is situated in Ostrava-Svinov, namely in the part with detached houses. We guarantee discrete facilities with a private car park. Each massage is carried out per one client and the chosen masseuse. Refreshments and a shower are a certainty. Cleanliness and comfort first. We use disposable sheets. Towels are washed with the Disinfekto Bucato detergent. Antibacterial soaps, hand disinfection and gloves are available to use.

Choose a massage that will suit you as regards the price as well as description. You will love each and every one! In case you can't get in touch with us via phone, we receive orders also through SMS. Email is used for queries and feedback only.

I hope you will be satisfied with our services and remember this experience for a long time... and that you will be happy to come back.

We will be looking forward to seeing you.