Thai herbal compress massages

An ancient Thai herbal aroma massage that uses cloth pouches filled with a mixture of herbs and grasses with flavoring substances according to a 6 century old recipe. In a steam bath, warmed pouches are attached to places where tension and pain are concentrated, your back and legs are massaged with pressure. The massage takes 60 minutes. Effects of herbal aroma massage Following is a relaxing aroma massage using aromatic oils from jasmine, sandalwood and lime extract. The results is beyond the overall relaxation of the whole body and the feeling of a positive charge of the mind. Thai herbal aroma massage is also renowned for its anti-stress effects. Herbal bags are used to perform massages of many kinds. They are filled with Asian herbs with a very pleasant aroma. Ingredients: long curcuma root, cassumunar ginger, kafir lime bark, lemon grass, sea salt, Indian tamarind leaves, acacia leaves, Bornean camphor, camphor. These herbal bags are also suitable for people with allergies.

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